Bureaucrat Tipping – A Push For Change

Top Five Bureaucrat Tipping Ideas:

Bureaucrat Defined: oppressed manager of an insignificant assignment in a massive and systematic application of oppression on others.

Bureaucrat tipping is a creative and natural enterprise involving the joy of doing it better yourself.

Power corrupts, but bureaucrats are proof that even a little power corrupts absolutely – few of them can tell differences in degrees of power. Bureaucrats keep us waiting, they overcharge for shoddy service, they cater to favorites, they hate their jobs and us, and until now they retired comfortably.bureaucracy

Bureaucrats think they control us — we know different. You are the best judge of what is best for yourself – not them. Replace their power tripping with your bureaucrat tipping.

“Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?” – Thomas Jefferson

Let’s start with these five bureaucrat tipping ideas and return a proper balance to the scales.

The Fifth Best Bureaucrat Tipping Idea:

Move to a new location where bureaucracy has not grown to a monstrous size.

Bureaucrats are like cow dogs for opportunistic rustlers and feed lot operators. Leave those bureaucrats to their handlers and their cowered cattle.Bureaucracy2

Too long have you been a target of theft from those that use political means to pick your pockets and limit your actions. If it is not right for someone to steal your property or restrict your life, how does it become right when they use lawfare and government bureaucrats to do it for them?

“Taxpayers pay subsidies to each other, government overhead taking a large cut. Influence, not need or potential, is the deciding factor of largess.” Allan R. Wallace

It is your life, live your life in a manner that is most pleasing to you. Find a home where you can live as you wish, so long as you do not disrupt others doing as they wish.

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